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People First Mobility 

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Our Sustainability Journey

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As a responsible company, People First Mobility recognise our role in shaping a better future for both people and the planet. We believe in conducting business in a way that minimizes our environmental impact and contributes positively to society. We  understand the finite nature of our planet’s resources and the urgent need to preserve them for future generations. That’s why we are implementing initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint, minimise waste, and encourage recycling and reuse wherever possible. Sustainability is also about empowering communities and fostering social responsibility,  we support local initiatives, and offer fair practices. 

Our mission is to lead by example in sustainable business practices, striving to reduce our environmental footprint, uphold ethical standards and create lasting positive change in the communities we serve. 

As we embark on this sustainability journey we want to create a more sustainable future where business success is measured not only by financial gains but also by positive social and environmental impact. 

We are a member  of sustainable pathways and Small99 showing our commitment to keep learning and begin our journey to become net zero. We hope you will join us on this Journey. 

If you have any ideas of how we can improve on our journey please email [email protected] 

recycle cardboard sustainability

Our cardboard is bundled and sent to a recycling firm. 

Every tonne of recycled cardboard saves 17 trees, 2 cubic yards of landfill capacity and 4100 kW/ hours of electricity

Smaller boxes are reused for posting items 

We do not buy and throw away normal cleaning cloths, instead we purchase cut up clothing and use this for our cleaning needs.  These are then washed and reused. 

cloths recycled clothing
spare parts mobility scooter recycle used parts

We reuse good parts from Scooters  that have come to the end of their life span. 

selection of mobility tyres

Used tyres  that are worn out or no longer safe to use are collected by a registered company.  The tyres are processed and made into bales/block (in compliance with government PAS108 standard). These bales are then used in the UK for civil engineering projects, or they are exported to an Environment Agency approved green-listed country where they are used for TDF (Tyre Derived Fuel).

battery mobility

Batteries that have reached the end of their life are sent to be recycled. 

In Progress

We are continually looking at ways to be more sustainable and to reach our goal.

  • Electricity: We are currently seeking an alternative green supplier
  • Water : Staff are encouraged to preserve water 
  • We do our best to  partner with suppliers and brands that prioritize sustainability, such as those using organic, Fair Trade, or locally sourced materials.
  •  We minimize packaging waste by using eco-friendly materials like recycled paper, cardboard, or biodegradable alternatives.
  • We have and are  investing  in energy-efficient lighting, heating, and cooling systems to reduce energy consumption.
  • We are looking for  eco-friendly cleaning products and practices to minimize chemical use and indoor air pollution. We are going to implement a green purchasing policy to prioritize sustainable products and supplies for day-to-day operations.
  • We are part of Sustainable pathways and Small99